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Reading FM and tactics posts when you’re at your PC is all well and good but what if you’re out and about or catching up on some reading in bed? We want our articles to be as accessible as possible and available in a number of formats so you can get the most out of what we have to say. That’s why we want to mark our 50th post by making our articles available in eBook form. All the images and formatting are still in place so you can enjoy everything just like you were visiting us online and you can comment and access links by saving them as bookmarks and loading them when you’re back online.

Download .epub file (suitable for iPads and iOS devices, Blackberry Playbook, Kobo, Android devices and more)

Download .ePub file from mirror

Download .mobi file (suitable for Kindle devices, and any devices running Kindle App)

Download .mobi file from mirror

Let us know if you enjoy reading our posts in this way; a positive response will encourage us to continue to produce articles in this format both from our older posts and in the future.

The most obscure places you read PTW posts on a postcard please!

Last updated on April 28, 2013

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Jad makes up one-half of the PTW team. He is a huge Manchester United fan and while not keeping up to date with the Red Devils, he often spends his time making the site crash. Apparently he does this deliberately to "test the security".

  • Craig

    I was very interested to see this and attempted to download, but after several tries, I was told i reached my download limit without ever getting the file. Can you put up mirror download sites?

    • http://pushthemwide.wordpress.com dimiberbatov9

      I will look into this for you Craig, sorry to hear you’ve had problems. Will get back to you ASAP.

    • http://pushthemwide.wordpress.com dimiberbatov9

      This should now be sorted, I’ve added another mirror. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Fracpen

    Could you please do more .mobi or could you tell me how you do it ?

    • http://pushthemwide.wordpress.com dimiberbatov9

      What do you mean? Mobi files for our other posts too?

      • Fracpen

        For your next posts yes please and I am also interested how you created mobi files out of blog posts because to read other blogs on my kindle.

        • http://pushthemwide.wordpress.com dimiberbatov9

          They would have to do it off their own backs – they own the content and the usage of it.

  • Stuart

    Love reading these on the move, thanks for providing this service